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June Interest

Water lillies will now have good foliage growth helping to promote the first flowers of the year. Flowers will continue right through September ensuring they are the center piece of any pond.

Acorus calamus

Sweet Flag
Summary A non-invasive clump-forming green rush with sweetly scented leaves and horn shaped blooms. Will steadily spread in shallow water or wet ground.

Acorus gramineus 'Ogon'

Slender sweet flag 'Ogon'
Summary Semi-evergreen, growing in wide fans, this plant forms into large low growing clumps. It has striking, narrow, bright yellow leaves, striped with yellow-ish green.

Acorus gramineus variegatus

Variegated slender sweet flag
Summary Semi-evergreen, growing in short wide clumps. It has narrow, green leaves, striped with creamy-yellow.

Anemopsis californica

Apache beads
Summary An attractive scented plant ideal for shallow water. Their green leaves turn red in autumn and once dried can be used for potpourri. Their seeds are often used as beads for necklaces hence it’s common name.

Aponogeton distachyos

Water Hawthorn
Summary Providing interest in your pond for many months, water hawthorn has white, scented flowers which appear in spring, and often again in autumn. Its elongated, spear shaped leaves develop from a submerged tuber and lie on the waters surface with its white flowers standing a few inches tall.

Carex Muskingumensis

Musk Sedge
Summary A great architectural plant, adding height and depth to your marginal border. Musk sedge is semi-evergreen, producing feathered, finely tapering, light green foliage.

Carex pseudocyperus

Cyperus Sedge
Summary A tuft forming perennial with bright yellow-green foliage and abundant bristly green or brown flower heads.

Ceratophyllum demersum

Summary Considered to be the best native oxygenator, hornwort is relatively slow growing compared to other oxygenators and doesn’t produce roots, making it low maintenance and easy to manage.

Equisetum hyemale

Dutch Rush
Summary A robust evergreen perennial grown for it’s architectural and winter interest. Equisetum are also known as horsetails so must be grown in containers to restrict their rhizomes.

Gunnera manicata

Giant Prickly Rhubarb
Summary A robust architectural giant with leaves reaching 1 metre in diameter. Its flowers are small and may be followed by berry-like fruits.

Hottonia palustris

Water Violet
Summary A great native oxygenator with feathery leaves and lilac flowers that are held above the water from June to August.

Houttuynia cordata 'Boo Boo'

'Boo Boo'
Summary A lovely pond plant with a long flowering period, from May to September. Its crinkle effect, scented leaves turn bright red in autumn.

Houttuynia cordata 'Chameleon'

Harlequin Plant
Summary An attractive plant with variegated red, cream and green leaves from late spring through to early autumn, producing brightest colours when positioned in full sun. Its summer flowers have yellow flower spikes, with four white petals at the base.

Iris chrysographes 'Black Gold'

Iris 'Black Gold'
Summary A statement iris, with grey-green narrow strap like leaves and tall strong stems displaying striking flowers with indigo-violet (almost black) falls with golden veins.

Iris chrysographes 'Black Knight'

Iris 'Black Knight'
Summary Standing proud on tall stems amongst grey-green strap like leaves, one of the darkest iris flowers you will find, with deep violet (almost black) falls and golden veins.

Iris forrestii

Iris forrestii
Summary Distinguished by its lemon yellow falls with reddish-brown veins and markings.

Iris Hookeri

Iris Hookeri
Summary A dwarf iris with mid-green, sword shaped leaves, producing lovely flowers with purple-blue falls marked with a white signal and dark purple veins.

Iris lactea

Iris lactea
Summary This elegant iris has milky-white through to pale purple falls which are veined with blue, red-purple or violet.

Iris laevigata 'Snowdrift'

Iris 'Snowdrift'
Summary Producing double white flowers, this iris puts on quite a display. Pure white falls are marked with a yellow signal, while the standards are flashed with lilac.

Iris laevigata 'Variegata'

Iris 'Variegata'
Summary This iris has distinctive green, narrow leaves heavily striped with creamy-white. It produces flowers with purple-blue falls marked with a white signal.

Iris laevigata 'Weymouth Blue'

Iris 'Weymouth Blue'
Summary This vibrant iris has light green, arching, sword-like leaves, and flowers with purple-blue falls marked with a white signal.

Iris louisiana 'Ann Chowning'

Iris 'Ann Chowning'
Summary A stunning iris with cherry red falls and a bright yellow signal, set off beautifully against its light green strap like leaves.

Iris louisiana 'Her Highness'

Iris 'Her Highness'
Summary An elegant iris with strap-like, mid to bright green leaves, and flowers with creamy-white falls marked with a yellow signal.

Iris pseudacorus

Yellow flag
Summary A native aquatic iris, it has bright yellow falls marked with a yellow signal.

Iris pseudacorus 'Alba'

Iris 'Alba'
Summary A native aquatic iris, its flowers have creamy white-pale yellow falls marked with a yellow signal delicately outlined with charcoal grey.

Iris pseudacorus 'Bastardii'

Iris 'Bastardii'
Summary A great performer, with greyish green strap-like foliage producing flowers marked with cream-pale yellow falls.

Iris pseudacorus 'Creme de la creme'

Iris 'Creme de la creme'
Summary The crème de la crème! A lovely iris with sword shaped, grey green leaves, and flowers displaying creamy-white falls with delicate purple veins.

Iris robusta 'Gerald Derby'

Iris 'Gerald Derby'
Summary This iris has attractive arching deep purple-black stems coming from long green leaves with purple staining at the base. Each stem produces 4 or 5 flowers with purple-blue falls, marked with a yellow and white signal and dark purple-blue veins.

Iris sibirica 'Siberian Flag'

Iris 'Siberian Flag'
Summary This pretty iris puts on a great display, with narrow strappy foliage and branched stems bearing up to 5 flowers with violet-blue falls, marked with yellow and white signals and violet-blue veins.

Iris versicolor 'Kermesina'

Iris 'Kermesina'
Summary A beautiful iris with strappy green leaves, branched stems bearing up to 5 flowers with plummy reddish purple falls, marked with a yellow and white signal and purple veins.

Lythrum salicaria 'Feuerkerze'

Purple Loosestrife 'Feuerkerze'
Summary A tall growing native perennial with strong, upright stems, topped in summer months with long, poker-like heads of deep pink flowers. A double-flowered cultivar that produces considerably less seed, minimising unwanted seedlings.

Mazus reptans

Chinese Marshflower
Summary This low growing, creeping perennial is an excellent plant for very shallow margins and beach areas (not submerged). It will form dense mats of green foliage, and produce masses of blue-lilac flowers with gold spotted white centres.

Mazus reptans 'Albus'

White Chinese Marshflower
Summary A white version of the Chinese Marshflower; this low growing, creeping perennial is an excellent plant for very shallow margins and beach areas (not submerged). It will form dense mats of green foliage, and produce masses of blue-lilac flowers with gold spotted white centres.

Mentha aquatica

Water Mint
Summary A true native plant with strong scented pink-lilac flowers. Great for attracting bees and other pollinating insects.

Menyanthes trifoliata

Bog Bean
Summary A fast growing plant with lovely bright green foliage. Bog bean is often the first flowering plant on the pond producing white, star shaped flowers tipped with pink.

Mimulus cardinalis

Scarlet Monkey Flower
Summary A clump forming perennial, bearing 2-lipped red flowers throughout the summer months.

Nuphar lutea

Brandy Bottle
Summary Also called Yellow Water Lily. This native perennial has bright yellow, buttercup like flowers on stiff stems standing proud above deep green floating or submerged leaves, similar to those of a water lily. Its flowers smell strongly of alcohol, hence its name, Brandy bottle. It likes room to spread out, making it ideal for larger ponds.

Nymphaea 'Alba'

Waterlily 'Alba'
Summary Britain's only native water lily, Alba has bright white, fragrant semi-double flowers, with yellow stamens, scattered amongst dark green rounded pads. This lily has a large spread so is best suited to larger ponds and lakes.

Nymphaea 'Attraction'

Waterlily 'Attraction'
Summary A popular waterlily, with broad pads tinged with bronze, brilliant pink-red flowers flecked with white, and deep yellow stamens.

Nymphaea 'Aurora'

Waterlily 'Aurora'
Summary A smaller lily with attractive pads, mottled with purple and green. Its flowers, 5cm wide, change in colour from yellow when first opening, to orange through to pinkish-red with age.

Nymphaea 'Black Princess'

Waterlily 'Black Princess'
Summary A striking, sought after waterlily, with deep red almost black flowers. New pads are a deep purple, turning green with a faint purple edge after a few weeks.

Nymphaea 'Darwin'

Waterlily 'Darwin'
Summary Large pale pink blooms with a double petal. Ideal for medium to large ponds.

Nymphaea 'Madame Wilfron Gonnere'

Waterlily 'Madame Wilfron Gonnere'
Summary Double petals of rich pink fading to lighter pink towards the outer petals.

Nymphaea 'Mayla'

Waterlily 'Mayla'
Summary Bright Fuchsia pink double flowers with a lovely fragrance.

Nymphaea 'Perry's Baby Red'

Waterlily 'Perry's Baby Red'
Summary Deep pink blooms idea for the smaller pond or container.

Nymphaea 'Pygmaea Rubra'

Waterlily 'Pygmaea Rubra'
Summary Perfect for smaller ponds, this is the smallest of all the red water lilies. Its pads are purple blotched and slightly fragrant, its flowers open as deep pink and darken to deep red with age.

Nymphaea 'Virginalis'

Waterlily 'Virginalis'
Summary With its large, pure white, fragrant blooms, this lily is often considered to be one of the best white water lilies. A great choice for larger ponds.

Pontederia cordata lanceolata

Giant Pickerel Weed
Summary A larger variety of the standard Pontederia cordata. This plant produces much taller blue-lilac flowers over 1 metre in height.

Sagittaria sagittifolia

Summary With distinct arrowhead shaped leaves, this perennial is another favourite. Both native and great for pollinators, this is an excellent plant choice. Tall stems produce large white flowers with dark purple centres.

Scirpus lacustris tab. Albescens

Striped Bulrush
Summary Tall cylindrical hollow foliage with green and white vertical variegations.

Sparganium erectum

Branched Bur-Reed
Summary Sparganium erectum are a vigorous growing British native marginal. They are referred to as the branched bur reed and produce scented white flowers turning to spiny looking fruit balls.

Trollius chinensis 'Golden Queen'

Globeflower 'Golden Queen'
Summary A moisture loving perennial with bowl shaped, bright orange-yellow, early summer flowers and deeply divided mid green leaves. These buttercup-like flowers are perfect for the middle of a moist border or for planting on the margins of a pond.

Zephyranthes candida

White Rain Lily
Summary A deciduous or evergreen perennial with a stunning white crocus like flower in late summer.