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Typha minima

Miniature Bulrush
Also known as Miniature Reedmace, this Typha has perfect miniature form, producing round, brown coloured seed heads, ideal for adding interest to a pond margins. This is the only typha suitable for small to medium garden ponds. It will spread steadily, but is still best contained to a basket.
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Product Care
Seed heads can be left over winter, but should be cleared if they fall into the water. Foliage should be cut back before spring growth starts.
Product Variants
1 Ltr
Product Properties
  • Water Depth 1cm - 12cm
  • Foliage Height 40cm - 60cm
  • Position Full Sun
  • Growth Slow
  • Spread 45cm
  • Flowers July - September
  • Foliage Deciduous
  • Hardiness Hardy